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Self Care Through Prayer and  Forgiveness 
  • Self Care empowers women leaders to engage in self care through prayer and forgiveness.
  • The act of letting go is an action you can take toward self care. In the book you'll find prayers, practical application and confession of faith and so much more.
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Self Care Empowering African American Christian Women
  • Empowering African American Women to engage in self care.
  • Providing tools to remain in a fresh place after ministering and serving.  

Feed My Sheep - Orme Sermon Delivery Tool 
  • Organize your sermons
  • Orme's Sermon Delivery Tool
  • Helen Orme's Sermon Model

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  • Prayers of Forgiveness
  • Devotional Worship Phrases 
  • Declaring the "I've Been"
  •  Affirmations

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Divine Touch Tool
The Vehicle of Prayer
The Vehicle of Prayer explains that in the spiritual realm, prayer transports people to the place of their blessings or their blessings to them. It is the driving force that propels the church forward to its destination. This medium delivers God’s plans, directions and answers from the spirit realm to the natural realm.